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Valuation for obtaining financing or Spanish Mortgage

To obtain a Spanish Mortgage with the Spanish home as collateral. is recognized as an appraiser by Dutch lenders abroad. You can be sure that the valuation report will be accepted.

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Tax Valuation for your Income Tax Return

To determine the value, necessary for your tax return with the tax authorities. This is a different value than the Spanish “Valor Catastral”!

Valuation report for reinvestment and tax issues

In reinvestment and tax issues. is regularly called in to prepare a report, intended for the tax authorities. In case of reinvestment and wealth tax issues, we can assist you and you can use our report as a substantiation.

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Valuation for sale

You intend to sell your current home in Spain. provides you with an extensive valuation report in which the current market value is noted. This value is of course substantiated, because at the moment homes in Spain are for sale for the most diverse amounts.

That way you won´t do yourself short!

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Distanced Couple

Valuation in case of divorce or an inheritance

Not many people know how important it is to appoint a licensed avaluer to determine the value of your home. gives you quick insight into the true value of your assets. Contact us today and discover what we can do for you.

Building Survey recorded in a clear report

As an Englishman, you are rightly critical and set high standards for the home that you want to buy. Or as a substantiation of the quality of the home you want to sell. Not only the location where the house is located and whether everything is legally in order, but also the architectural condition in which it is located is of great importance. As you may know, the Spanish construction method differs greatly from that in the north of Europe. This not only has to do with the climate, but also the location of the house. The various seismographic risks in the country also play an important role during our research.

The architectural report of gives you clarity about the construction quality and the condition the house is currently in! Prevention is better than cure!

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Professional and independent purchase guidance with lowest price guarantee can guide you professionally and independently with the purchase of your dream home. We make a clear and fixed  price agreement with you in advance. And we also make this known to the seller during the purchase process. As a result, he does not have to add the brokers commission to his sales price! We are available to you with our knowledge in many fields. We also work together with one of our lawyers to properly check and arrange legal matters. has no large offices, many staff and expensive websites. This allows us to guarantee you the lowest purchase price!

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